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Financial Astrology - May 25, 2014

The next two weeks outlook hasn't changed much from last weeks. post.
The SP500 is entering it's 16th week of it's Primary cycle. I am expecting a Primary cycle low in late May / early June. Some possible dates are;

May 26           the 1/2 cycle of the 225 cd cycle or 112 cd
May 30           Geocentric Jupiter is on the heliocentric North Node of Pluto (could be                              volatile)
June 1             Jupiter is on the it's shadow date or back to the point in the Zodiac where                           is was when it last went retrograde on Nov 8, 2013
June 2             This is a date where a Lunar mystery cycle hits. Sometimes indentifies a                             strong move and sometimes not very much. Nevertheless we should be                              aware it may tale affect. More details in this weeks subscriber letter, 
June 4             Jupiter conjunct the Antiscia of the April 29 Solar eclipse

I'm expecting increased volatility over the next couple of weeks and the Primary cycle trough.

There is a long term transit taking place this weekend. It is Jupiter trine Saturn. When reviewing the whole cycle (synodic cycle) from the conjunction this is the waning trine, that is the trine (120 degrees) after the opposition and before the next conjunction. This cycle started with a conjunction in 2000 near the Dot Net top.

The Jupiter in waning trine aspect has not been a good signature for trades. When there are multiple passes, like this one it often marks a major change in trend between the first and last exact trine. Since this is the last of 3 passes it is getting late for this to occur this time. Following is a daily chart of the Dow Jones Industrials showing the dates of this waning trine and the three dates it was exact. They are the 3 red circles.

The dates on the chart are the shadow dates for Jupiter, that is, when Jupiter turned retrograde and then later direct, this is the date Jupiter returns to the position it held when it had turned retrograde.

In previous centuries, those Astrologers that went before, studied the Jupiter / Saturn aspects and treated them as the key aspects when looking at the course of history. Of course some of the outer planets were unknown. Following are the dates of discovery of the three planets outside Saturn's orbit.

Uranus             March 13, 1781
Neptune          Sept 23, 1846
Pluto                Feb 18,1930.

The Jupiter / Saturn cycle is a 19-20 year cycle and changes a little due to retrograde motion. A 20 year cycle can be found in many markets. This is also part of a larger 240 year cycle which hits again in 2020. This is called the "Mutation Conjunction" as the conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn change signs. This will be an important time in history. The "Mutation Conjunction" is changing signs into Aquarius, an Air sign. I would expect tremendous technological innovation in many fields.

The French Astrologer Barbault has identified this cycle as dominant in the study of European history. We must watch the Euro zone and possible changes around and approaching the next conjunction date in December 2020.

Back to the current time frame. As stated above we are in the 16th week of the Primary cycle and due to turn down into a cycle trough. The Primary cycle is a nominal 18 week cycle but the length really falls in a range of 15-23 weeks. Nevertheless we are in a right translated cycle with the cycle high near the end of the cycle. This is bullish or continues to be bullish.

Following is the daily chart of the SP500. So far the date we identified as a "High of Significance" on May 13, 2014 has held but the SP500 has been moving up quickly. We are nearly at the high. We are still short the NAS100. We are still nervous and getting more so.

Venus will be entering Taurus on May 28, it's rulership and Venus stands for stocks. Traditional astrology would tell us this should be favourable. Looking back at previous Venus ingresses into Taurus, oftentimes, if stock prices have been going up, they reverse within a few days of Venus entering Taurus. If stocks have been going down the reverse is true and Venus' entry into Taurus marks a change to up.

A major aspect for turns is the Sun square Neptune. This occurs this week as well. It's another good indicator for a reversal. Someone tell the FED please. Somehow I suspect they have their own astrologers.

In this instance it is the square before the Neptune retrograde. Also the Sun will trine Neptune on June 29. This is important to note. This is the waxing square where the Sun is 90 degrees after Neptune.

When Neptune turn retrograde (this time on June 9) there will always be a Sun squared Neptune approx. 13 cd's (this time May 28) before the retrograde and there will always be a Sun trine Neptune approx. 20cd's (this time June 29) afterwards.

Rather than look at the exact date of the Neptune station I look at the time period from May 28 to June 29 as a window for Neptune related activity. Neptune can equate to issues with water (especially now since it's in Pisces, the sign of it's ruler ship), oil and gas, charities, spirituality, hospitals and things that are hard to grasp. Like me. The feeling of being lost or the unknown. In it's highest form it is the recognition of the spiritual and the lowest, lies, deceit, fraud and corruption. With the way things are at this time I unfortunately look to the latter to manifest. Watch, oil and gas, coffee, drugs and pharmaceuticals, alcohol, the oceans and pollution.

Per the last post Jupiter will be active over the last week in May, first week of June. Jupiter is the co-ruler of oil and gas. See the last post for dates and comments.

As mentioned in a number of previous posts I'm still looking at the Pluto price line as major resistance for the SP500. We have moved above it. We need to reverse course quickly or we are off to new highs. Highs that don't make sense other than the continuous stream of money being printed and cheap rates.

Company management can get these near zero interest rate loans and can buy back their own stock thus driving the price up. George and Martha in Poughkeepsie on their Windows 3.1 PC and 1200 BAUD dial-up coupler don't have a chance.

Also from the last post.
"Also what is coming shortly is Mercury stationary retrograde on June 7 and Neptune stationary retrograde on June 9. This seems to indicate a period of lies, deceit and false hoods. Since we already have all these, perhaps a period of enhanced lies, deceit and false hoods better sates the case."

And also from the last post
"On the daily Nasdaq 100 index there is a wedge continuation pattern from which you can take a measured move from the top in the wedge. This is showing a possible target close to 3300. Also note on this chart the 15 sma is below the 45 sma and price is just above the 45 sma."

Now this didn't work out very well. Most times with this setup, a wedge continuation pattern, price will exit the wedge in the same direction as it entered it. This would be down. This needs to reverse quickly or the Nas100 maybe off to new highs.


The status of Gold is still not clear. We are either in the 21st week or the 5th week, of the Primary cycle.  Normally prices would be rising if this is the 5th week of the Primary and dipping if this is the end of a longer term Primary cycle. The Primary cycle is the nominal 18 week with a range of 15-21 weeks so we should be near the end of the 21st week Primary. I was looking for a rise in Gold into mid-June so a quick resolution of this cycle would give this outlook more credibility.

I'm looking for a big move in Gold and precious metals this year, first down for a major low and then up. Subscribers will have the dates in the 2nd half 2014 forecast. This will be available approx. mid-June.

Heliocentric Mercury in Sagittarius is usually a period of volatility in Gold and other PM's. This time heliocentric Mercury enters Sagittarius on June 9 through June 20th.

I'm looking for a low in Gold the last 2 weeks in May to the first week in June (hopefully the Primary cycle trough) and then a crest somewhere between June 13 - June 23rd.

Seasonally this is a weak period for crude. Even weaker for NatGas. Nevertheless Crude should still be in an older Primary cycle and be 19 weeks along. It is possible May 1st was a low but I always look at the 15 and 45 sma near a low in any market. I want to see the 15 sma lower then the 45 sma. On May 1st this was not the case.

If this is a new Primary we are in week 4 and should be expecting a Major cycle (6 week) crest.

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