Sunday, May 4, 2014

Financial Astrology - May 4, 2014

We are in the 13th week of the Primary cycle. It appears the effects of the Grand Square will drag on and probably revolve around the Ukraine political unrest. Mars will be turning stationary direct on May 19 thus heading back to the spot it was on when the Grand Square was exact on April 23. Mars will get back to that point on June 16th. There are other Astro indicators around that time pointing to general disruption. We'll expand on these in a subsequent post.

The SP500 is approaching it's all time high on April 4th. That was also on a 40 td cycle high. The 40 td cycle often inverts and can be a high or low in stocks. The next iteration for the 40 td cycle is the last week of May. This is also the 16th week of the Primary cycle.

Mars turning Direct for the general market indexes usually is a period of volatility and may be close to a Primary cycle turn. May 19 would be in the 15th week of the Primary cycle. So, like the 40 td cycle mentioned above, it could be either a crest or early trough so we must watch price action of the index's over the next few weeks.

If we are headed sharply up or down the Nasdaq should lead the way. The following daily chart of the NAS 100 shows the index right up against the fib retracement level of 38.2% of the move up from Feb 5th to March 7th. The index could briefly spike higher but we expect a move up will fail. Watch the 15 and 45 dma. Currently the 15 dma is below the 45 dma and should stay below or this analysis is incorrect. See the daily chart of the Nas 100 below.

There are a number of aspects, mid-May that point to a turns in more than one market. Watch this time period closely. Subs have the dates.

Basically I'm looking for a move higher in the general indices this week and then a reversal either later this week or early the week of May 12th when Venus starts it's translation of the Grand Square

I'll be looking to short any move above the current all time high in the SP500. I'm looking for a Primary cycle trough in the SP500 during the last 2 weeks of the month but need price action to agree with this analysis. I'll be shorting the NAsdaq 100 as well as it should lead the parade on any move down.

I'm still looking at the Pluto price line (blue line) as resistance, although the SP500 (below) has nudged above it a few times.

We are in either the 18 week or 2nd week of the Primary cycle. If the Primary cycle started on the spike low on April 24 then Gold should be bullish. If we are in the older 18 week we are still in a generally bullish position as the Primary low would be due very soon and probably this month. Mars turning Direct or Venus translating the Grand Square would both be good signatures for a change in trend.

There was a sharp move up on Friday May 2nd so watch early next week. I want to see a daily close above 1303-1305 area to confirm a new Primary. See notes on Silver. May 6-7 may be good dates for a sharp move.

Silver is in the 18 week or 1st week of it's Primary cycle. Watch for a sharp move in Silver and most probably up particularly around May 6-7.

I've posted the following chart many times before. It shows the heliocentric (Sun centered) price lines for Venus and Jupiter. Note the support on the heliocentric Jupiter price line (blue line)

We often get a sharp move when the Venus price line (green) crosses the heliocentric Jupiter price line (blue). This occurs next on May 6 with a heliocentric Venus / Jupiter opposition. If Silver is going up Gold will be going up as well.

May 5th starts the 17th week in the Primary cycle for crude. Price is below both the 15 and 45 dma, however, the 15 dma is above the 45 dma and falling. Ideally we would like to see the 15 dma below the 45 dma for the Primary cycle low.

Note where we are in the fib retracements. $98.21 would be a 50% retracement of the move up from early Jan'14 to early March'14.

Remember we have a potential war going on so commodities in general and Gold and Crude in particular could be very volatile and not follow normal analysis.

The US buck continues lower into the time frame for an 18 month low. See the following weekly chart of the US$. The next green line is the 18 month cycle.

Note from previous cycles, it could stay down at these levels or lower for some time.

There are a number of events scheduled in May between Russia and China which would not be beneficial for the US or the US$.

Also note there was an increase in the number of significant earthquakes around the date of the Grand Square. There are two earthquake time periods where more significant earthquakes take place, April/May and Oct/Nov.


  1. Market moving up this week you say?

  2. The full comment from the post. "Basically I'm looking for a move higher in the general indices this week and then a reversal either later this week or early the week of May 12th when Venus starts it's translation of the Grand Square. "

    The SP moved higher on May 8th.