Sunday, May 11, 2014

Financial Astrology - May 11, 2014

The SP500 is entering it's 14th week of it's Primary cycle. I am expecting a Primary cycle low in late May / early June.

We didn't get the move higher I was expecting last week, other than the NYSE which put in a new all time high. I was also looking for a reversal lower "either late last week or in the coming week". Subs have the dates, but I can say we will have Venus about to translate the Grand Square, the Moon entering Scorpio and a Full Moon close to a conjunction with Saturn and Mercury going out of bounds. I also have a proprietary Astro indicator pointing to a reversal in the next couple of weeks.

That's a lot going on, however, we still have an active FED and a situation in the Ukraine close to civil war. Surprises affecting the markets can come out of these volatile situations.

The following chart of the SP500 shows we have generally been moving side-ways for the past two months. This chart also shows the 15 dma has crossed above the 45 dma which would generally be construed as positive. I'll be watching these averages closely as I was expecting a move down and with it, the 15 dma would be below the 45 dma. See the following daily chart of the SP500.

As mentioned in a number of previous posts I'm still looking at the Pluto price line (blue) as major resistance.

Mentioned above. Mercury will be moving "Out of Bounds" this coming week. This is often found at market turns or at least some big range days. The red vertical lines on the following chart show when Mercury goes out of bounds. The light blue shows when Venus goes out of bounds. 

Proprietary Astro indicator.
Reserved for subs.

Mars turns stationary Direct on May 19. Looking back, Mars turned retrograde on March 1st, just at the time the Ukraine situation was heating up. The sitting President Yanukovych, disappeared in late February. I'm looking at the period around the Mars Direct date to have an effect on the Ukraine situation, hopefully a peaceful one.  Look at the period around the Mars direct date, not necessarily on the exact date.

As far as US stocks are concerned the markets have basically gone sideways since Mars turned retrograde. I'm looking for a move in the market indexes within 7 days of Mars turning direct and I'm looking for a move down. A stated in previous posts I expect the Nasdaq to lead on the move down. We often get a dip in the US indexes when heliocentric Venus passes through Aquarius. Heliocentric Venus entered Aquarius on May 8th and will be there until May 25th.

We got a lower low on May 5 currently making that date the Primary cycle low. As this is still quite volatile we may go up from here or put in additional lower lows. With Venus translating the Grand Square and Mars turning stationary Direct on May 19 we may see additional lows in the coming week or around May 19th.

Somewhat frustrating but not uncommon. We are in either the 19th week of an older Primary cycle or the 2nd week of a newer Primary.

For the Mars Direct signature, the cycle is often opposite the type of cycle present during the Mars retrograde period. As that cycle was positive it would point to this cycle being negative and therefore we may be looking at lower lows over the next couple of weeks.

The following daily chart of Gold shows the 15 dma lower than the 45 dma. I'm now waiting until I see the 15 cross the 45 dma upwards.

For Gold, I often use the Heliocentric Bradley Indicator. It's next turn date is May 19th as seen on the following chart. This is the same date as the Mars turning Direct.

Remember, this indicator denotes a change in trend and not direction. This means the indicator can be going down when Gold, in this case, is going up. It is the change in direction that should indicate a change in trend.

Taking all into consideration I'm looking for a low between May 12 and May 19 and then upA low in this time period makes the June / July period confusing as I had been looking for a 13-13.5 month low in June/ July and probably mid-July. This would be at the 9 week period if we have a Primary cycle low in the next week or so. This makes the mid-July forecast rather confusing.

In these situations, when I'm waiting for a low, I put in resting buy orders on Gold bull related ETF's. and let the market take me in. Personally I just use 2x as the 3x and above are too volatile. If I'm waiting for a high, I put in resting buy orders on bear Gold ETF's.

Same comments on Silver.

Seasonally this is a weak period for crude. Even weaker for NatGas. Nevertheless Crude should still be in an older Primary cycle and be 18 weeks along. It is possible May 1st was a low but I always look at the 15 and 45 dma near a low in any market. I want to see the 15 dma lower then the 45 dma. On May 1st this was not the case. We are just now entering a period where the 15 dma is lower than the 45 dma.

Of course I also look for Astrological signature which would relate to a turn in Crude. In this case that would be May 13 and May 19. May 24 is also possible.

As mentioned a number of times in previous posts we are entering the 18 month low period for the US$, the green vertical line on the following chart. On reviewing the previous 18 month lows it is apparent they are often long periods of low US$ prices rather than a quick move down. To complicate things there is a 38 month low due in mid-June (brown vertical line). I believe this is a dangerous period for the US$. Previous 38 month lows were April 2011, Feb 2008 and Dec 2004.

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