Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 27, 2014 Special Update "Change is in the Air"

The following is an update sent to subscribers this morning.

May 28 is a New Moon. A new Moon is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon. This New Moon is in the sign of Gemini. This New Moon is in exact square to Neptune in Pisces and Neptune is trine to Kronos.

Gemini is a mutable air sign. Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable signs are all about change. In Gemini it can be changes to thinking or ideas.

We should experience multiple changes including changes in what we are thinking over the next few weeks and it should start this week.

We can either respond to new ideas that create change or we are confused by the changes taking place or both. This includes our thoughts on investments. This is prime time for changes in many markets and as I'm writing Gold is moving down quickly. As pointed out in the market letter a number of markets are in the time frame for cycle crests or troughs.

Re-read the comments on the blog about Neptune turning retrograde and the window in time between May 28 and
June 29.

This could also be a picture of a major market turn or some type of problem or event with water or the things Neptune rules. They are noted on the last blog post.

Aspects between the outer planets can also point to geophysical events.

The above appear somewhat negative, however, Neptune is also trine Kronos. Kronos rules mastery, elevation and all that is excellent. In it's lower form it rules government, bureaucracy and red tape. With it's trine to Neptune (rules oil and gas) for example it could indicate a decision on the long held up Keystone pipeline or other oil and gas issue.

I'm looking for changes in market direction.


Gold looks like it's heading for the Primary cycle trough.

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