Monday, August 24, 2015

We could be witnessing the start of the 4 year or 7 year cycle down move to a trough as mentioned a number of times in our market letter.

I'll send out another ALERT tonight to subscribers.

The last ALERT to subscribers was sent out August 17th follows.


I'm looking for a turn Aug 21, 2015 +- 2 tds.

This looks like the possible start of a more significant downtrend in the major market indices.

On Aug 21 the Sun will square Saturn which will energies the T square formation that Saturn is in with Jupiter and Neptune.

In fact Jupiter and Neptune are forming an opposition and Saturn is squaring both these planets. This puts Saturn as the focal planet and it is still in Scorpio (debt and other peoples money) and it is still in mutual reception with Pluto, making both quite powerful.

This is a pretty good Astrological definition of a bubble bursting. Jupiter and Neptune being the bubble and Saturn the sharp object that bursts the bubble.

This T square will be hit by the Sun on Aug 26 (Sun conjunct Jupiter) and Aug 31st (Sun opposition Neptune) as well so if we don't get a reaction near Aug 21 we should watch one of the other two dates.

It is possible this move down could go down into late September close to the Solar and Lunar eclipses. The exact Jupiter opposition to Neptune date is Sept 17 the same day Saturn enters Sagittarius.

The Aug 21 date could also affect Gold in a positive way and the whole period while the T-Square forms may be important for crude.




  1. Hello,

    The market did react to the downside right around your Aug 21, 2015 date as you predicted. Is the selling in the short term over or do you see more off a sell-off on Aug 31st (Sun opposition Neptune)?

  2. I think we are going to see volatility and there could be another large move in September. Specific dates are reserved for subscribers.